Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from me and my Advent snowman. There he is, hanging happily beside the Christmas tree, looking very festive. The story I wrote for my own calendar is going down very well with my children. Once again, I’ve been inspired by them. They are growing up, discovering their own tastes in music, and two of them play guitar in their own rock bands, so I came up with a tale about a group of choristers who decide to set up a rock band to perform a song called Rockin’ Dulce Jubilo – yes, I am very pleased with that! I will definitely be adding that story to the index for next year.

I couldn’t let the year come to an end without looking back, because it has been quite a significant year for me. Just the fact that I have written that and posted it here is amazing because this website didn’t exist this time last year. I certainly didn’t know that I had the ability to create it all myself. And I never imagined that I would writing a blog. It wasn’t something I had planned on when I started setting up my website but I’ve really enjoyed waffling on about my writing. In particular, I have loved reminiscing about my early work. Knowing that it will never be published can be quite heart-breaking, but these blogs are a tribute and a memorial to the work that got me to where I am today. It may be passed over, but it is not forgotten. Perhaps I can do the same for of the ideas that will not even get written; they number far more than the ideas that get written, too many for one lifetime, but I would hate for them to disappear completely.

The end of the year is also a time for looking forward. I will keep on writing blogs, because it is indulgently satisfying, but I also like to hope it might be an inspiration for other aspiring writers to read about the process of writing. But what else? It pains me to admit that I am not working on any novel at this moment. This is a situation I have not been in for some time and it is a little disappointing. Without new a project, I have a bad habit of returning to the supposedly finished work. I have new ideas, but nothing that I am ready to sit down and start creating. But I will allow myself the excuse of being rather been busy, since I started training for a new career in September, as a Teaching Assistant, with a college course and work placement in the school where I already work as a dinner lady. I love it, but it is taking up all my free time. At least I am putting my writing skills to use, writing my assignments. I’m finding that I really enjoy this different style of writing and I seem to be doing quite well with it. Actually, I should be working on my latest assignment right now, not writing this. So, I will bring this blog to an end, which brings this year to an end. It has been a good year for me, and so it is with very high spirits that I say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR.


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