I am M J Schofield. The M stands for Mel, the J stands for Jane, and Schofield is actually my maiden name.

I am a Mum-of-Three, English Graduate, ex-Bookseller, School Dinner Lady, Book-lover and a writer. I live an ordinary life with my family in Worcestershire, UK. There are many distractions in my life, but the only thing I cannot imagine is NOT wrDSCN1301 (2)iting.

I first wanted to be a writer when I was seven. I have been writing stories ever since. I wrote two novels when I should have been concentrating on my GCSEs. They weren’t very good novels, but I kept writing and I have improved.

I work at home while the kids are at school, sometime at the dining table, sometimes curled up on the sofa. The most important thing has been to write as much as possible.

Now that I have reached a point where I believe my work is at its best, I want it to be read. That is why I decided to self-publish on Kindle, and begin this marketing campaign for M J Schofield.




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I enjoyed writing my novels. Now I hope some people will enjoy reading them.