I am M J Schofield. The M stands for Mel, the J stands for Jane, and Schofield is actually my maiden name.

I am a Mum-of-Three, English Graduate, ex-Bookseller, Teaching Assistant, Book-lover and a writer. I live an ordinary life with my family in Worcestershire, UK. There are many distractions in my life, but the only thing I cannot imagine is NOT writing.

I first wanted to be a writer when I was seven. I have been writing stories ever since. I wrote two novels when I should have been concentrating on my GCSEs. They weren’t very good novels, but I kept writing and I have improved.

I used to write at home while the kids were at school, sometime at the dining table, sometimes curled up on the sofa. In that time, I wrote the three novels that are available on Kindle. I now work in a secondary school as a teaching assistant, which means I don’t have so much time for writing at the moment, but it is still just as important to me.

Now that I have reached a point where I believe my work is at its best, I want it to be read. That is why I decided to self-publish on Kindle, and begin this marketing campaign for M J Schofield.

DSCN1363 (3)

I enjoyed writing my novels. Now I hope some people will enjoy reading them.

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