Of the many hundreds of thousands of words that I have written, these are the titles that are currently available.

The Most Beloved BoyMost beloved boy cover

A novel set in Victorian England, telling the tale of Dan and David, two friends returning to their childhood home after ten years away. Their loyalty to each other has survived many tests, but now they have to face up to the prejudices that first drove them away.

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The Most Beloved Boy – Taster




After the RainFront cover in colour

A novel set in the immediate aftermath of WWI, telling the story of Marianne, a newly married young woman who retreats to her husband’s country house, and discovers a beautiful but neglected garden. While it seems to hold all the hope for her future, she also learns that it holds other secrets. Poppies that grew in the mud of the trenches also grow in the peace and tranquillity of the garden.

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After the Rain – Taster




No Such Cold ThingUntitled

In 1902, a young American girl called Kitty Grant goes to live with her English family on the estate that she will one day inherit, but she soon realises that her new life in England is not what she had hoped for. Can her spirit and exuberance for life turn around a decaying family? This children’s novel will appeal to bright readers, combining the themes of legacy, love and poetry in a thought-provoking story.

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No Such Cold Thing – Taster




Christmas Stories for ChildrenChristmas Stories

If you are interested in my Advent stories but don’t want to use them in an Advent Calendar, they can be read in this traditional story collection.

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