The Advent Story Calendar

When my children were young, I bought a reusable Advent Calendar, a beautiful, big felt snowman with 24 little pockets stitched on his snow2tummy. My plan was to fill the pockets with treats for each day. Then Grandma sent Chocolate Advent Calendars, and my snowman seemed a bit redundant. It seemed a shame not to use him, and so I came up with another idea – why not write a Christmas story, divided into 24 parts, one for each pocket, with a big finish on Christmas Eve. My kids loved it, and now my Advent Stories have become a new Christmas tradition.

Now you can do the same, with my downloadable stories. All you need is a printer and a reusable Advent Calendar. Follow the link to the Index, choose your story, print it out and cut it up, ready for 1st December.

Index of Stories

If you enjoy the stories, please share. And I would love to hear from you.

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