10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Story for Advent

  1. Absolutely FREE and very easy to use – no shopping required.
  2. Fun and original stories that keep the suspense going all the way through Advent.
  3. Can be cut to fit into any size of re-usable Advent Calendar.
  4. Recyclable, no plastic waste.
  5. Healthier than chocolate or sweets.
  6. Something new and different every day.
  7. A real treat for Christmas Eve – the happy ending.
  8. Will even work without an Advent Calendar – just print and read out each day.
  9. Suitable for all ages – and not just children.
  10. Create memories that will last much longer than sweets.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, head to the Index of Stories and see what’s on offer.

Published by mjschofieldauthor

Writer, story teller, author, novelist, wordsmith - the only thing I cannot imagine is not writing.

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