Merry Christmas

#caftforcrisis -spreading a little magic for those without it

So Christmas Eve has come around again. The cake is decorated, the presents are wrapped, and I am watching The Fiddler on the Roof with a nice drink. Later, we will finish the story that my daughter wrote and get ready for the big day. Christmas Day will be lovely, with the food and music, spending time with family and seeing gifts opened, and yet there is something special about Christmas Eve with its sense of anticipation. It’s all part of a feeling that there is something magical going on, a feeling that can’t be recreated at any other time of year, powerful and intense and yet slippery and ethereal, disappearing without notice. I have always felt this magic was strongest on Christmas Eve – even as a child, I always felt it slipping away once that mad dash to see what Father Christmas had brought was over. Maybe it is the fragility of the feeling that makes it so special – only the most rare magic can be so overwhelming and yet so intangible. It’s what we’re all reaching for – but how many of us find it?

Christmas stories are an attempt to capture the feeling. It isn’t an easy thing to achieve – Christmas means different things to different people. But I hope that my Advent Stories have done that. If you are one of the growing number of people who downloaded a story this year, I hope that it has added a little more magic to your Christmas. Maybe you can make the magic last a little bit longer by taking out all the episodes and rereading it in one go, recreating the old tradition of Christmas story-telling. But whatever your Christmas plans, whether you find the magic or not, I wish you peace and contentment, and the best fortune for the New Year.

My Christmas cake – complete with gingerbread village

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