The past – so floppy and unsubstantial

  As part of that essential decluttering I had planned, I turned up a box full of old floppy discs. I hadn’t actually forgotten about them, but they haven’t crossed my mind for several years. As an archive, they are not very satisfying; I don’t think we have a device in the house that willContinue reading “The past – so floppy and unsubstantial”

Nothing could ever stop me writing, right?

  Writing has always been not just a part of my life but a part of me; ideas come spontaneously, and the desire to sit down and write is not just compulsive but intensely enjoyable. It comes so naturally that I have adopted it as my motto – the only thing I cannot imagine isContinue reading “Nothing could ever stop me writing, right?”

Where do Ideas Come From – Part Two

I’ve come back to this subject because I know this is something that authors get asked about a lot; when my bookshop hosted an author event and some member of the audience asked “where do you get your ideas from?” I would inwardly groan and wish they would ask something more original. But actually, IContinue reading “Where do Ideas Come From – Part Two”