Welcome to my Shop

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, it is a perfect day to launch a new venture. So this is it, the day I confess to everything I have been up, while trying not to squirm at this blatant self advertising – hey, I’m English, I’m not good at this.

BUT, I can’t help being pleased with myself. So, like a shopkeeper with a new shop, I’m going to put out the bunting, hang the posters and offer my wares. Welcome to the website of M J Schofield, Author, where you will find:

Four books for sale on Amazon

Free Printable stories for Advent Calendars

A link to share my Advent Story idea on Pinterest

Links to the Facebook page, Twitter account and gmail address of MJ Schofield Author

The least embarrassing photograph of me that I could find

My first few blogs, and a promise of more.


Come on in, have a browse, everyone is welcome. I’ll just stand over here in the corner, grinning like an idiot. A year ago, I knew I where I wanted to take my writing and I had a plan on how to do it. And today, I have achieved it. I’ve no idea what will happen next, but for now, I’m just going to bask in my achievements.

Published by mjschofieldauthor

Writer, story teller, author, novelist, wordsmith - the only thing I cannot imagine is not writing.

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