Advent 2020 – Mrs Christmas

It’s November again, and we all know what that means; the shops are filling up with chocolate and booze, the big brands are launching their Christmas adverts, and I add a new story to the index of Advent Stories and start my campaign to get you all to download a story for your Advent calendars.

So here it is, Mrs Christmas, a story that explores what it might be like to have a Christmassy name for a person who is not that fond of Christmas. My story starts off with a lonely old lady, and I was worried that it might be a bit too miserable. However, my kids said they enjoyed the story, and it does have the traditional happy ending, so it proudly takes its place on the list. I hope everyone else enjoys it too.

There are now ten stories available on the index. When I started writing these stories twelve years ago, I hoped they would become part of our family Christmas but I never imagined that they might become part of other families’ Christmas. The number of downloads has gone up each year, and in 2020, there has even been a small but steady amount of downloads throughout the year. Christmas is certainly going to be different this year, but the simple pleasure of a good story remains the same. Start the story on the 1st December and by Christmas Eve, you’ll have shared an experience that will stay with you long after the decorations come down in January. How many other Advent Calendars can offer that? It is still free to download, and it doesn’t break any lockdown regulations. All you have to do is choose a story and the magic is all yours.

Index of Stories  

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