I Have a Website!

Well, when I wrote my first (ever) blog, I was lost and confused. Now I have a website! Not only that, but I set it up all by myself. Thank you WordPress. I may be a Luddite, but I can follow instructions, and thanks to the ten-day tutorial course, I have a website that looks a lot like I imagined it would look. It’s not finished – it still needs a few more photographs, and there will be some more content to add in the future, but I am so pleased with myself.

Adding more content means doing the work that I have been putting off while I have been creating the website. I have a list, starting with two really big editing projects. The aim is to get two new items on KDP by the summer. But all this is old work, and I’m aware that I haven’t written any new fiction for a while. I know all the editing and marketing is work, and just as vital, but I can’t help feeling that it’s getting in the way of the writing. I really want to have something new on the go before September, when my other “new project” begins – nothing to do with writing and a big distraction in the shape of a career change. I feel it will be easier to keep going at something already begun than begin something new in what could be limited free time. There are one or two ideas bubbling below the surface, and I tell myself that I am waiting for one of them to grab me. I’m quite sure something will – it’s always worked in the past – but time ticks on. I can’t believe it is April already. Still, launching my website is a big tick on the list of things I wanted to achieve this year. Well done me.

Becoming an Author

How does one become an Author? If it’s just a question of writing some stuff, I’ve been doing that since I was eight years old, so does that make me an author? Bookshops and bank managers might beg to differ. No, I think becoming an Author means turning your writing into publications. But I’ve done that too, via the miracle of KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, who are now making my novels available to Kindle owners, thanks to a few simple steps and up-loads. But is that enough to make an Author out of me? So it takes more readers than friends and grannies to make an Author, which means marketing and promotion. Ughh, this is why Publishers exist, to do all that hard work. But Publishers are not easy to come by, so I must do the work all by myself. And that means setting up this website. My own website. With my name on it. All done by little old me, a technical Luddite.

So far, I’ve written three novels for adults and one for children, and that was the easy part compared to this. If only I had spent less time writing and more time swotting up on computing.